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Business Finance Fundamentals – Perspective on the central role financing plays in any business enterprise. How to detail the funding you need with a concise explanation of why you need it, how you will use it, and how you will pay it back.

Putting Your Business in Perspective – Learning to see your business as it’s seen by others and the stages it will cycle through. Plus getting the most from your legal organization and navigating a micro business in a macro economy.

Third Party Financing – Where to get business financing? How do funders evaluate your requests and consultants, family and legalese stand in your way? What to consider when using someone else’s money.

Financing Cost – Unraveling the cost of using monies that belong to others and how to manage it. Fixed vs. variable rates? Spreads, fees and share prices? Learn about these elements and their impact on your bottom line.

Financial Statements – Basic Training
– A tutorial on reading, understanding and using your financial statements as a management tool.

Vital Signs of Your Business – Digging into your numbers deeper to analyze the operating results with financial ratios that will diagnose your performance.

Cash Cycles – Understand your business cash flow like your survival depends on it. (It does!)

Projecting Future Operations and Cash Flows – Learn how to accurately project your cash cycles concurrently to estimating future operating results.

What is Your Plan? – A discussion about business plans and management styles that teaches you how to establish short and long term goals and visualize your exit strategy before you even open for business.

How to Build a Financing Proposal – Demonstration of building a complete financing proposal that will benefit your business before and after the funder’s response. How to present information without errors and omissions that distracts from your proposal.

Presenting Your Business Profile – How to respond to information requirements from funders and accurately answer to their questions and requests and deliver what is needed.

Disclosing Your Personal Profile – Crafting your personal financial statement, resume and other private data. Dealing with credit history, bad chapters and the catastrophic events that define what you have experienced.

Finance Begins with Your Checkbook – Seed money must come from you. Learn how others start with $0 and thrive. A thoughtful look at your resources, leveraging personal assets and other financing strategies you can employ.

Where are the Investors? – Defines the various equity sources available including angel investors, private equity funds, venture capital and IPOs. Presentation explains the kind of financial return investors are seeking from business opportunities they back.

Who’s Lending Money? – Defines the various debt sources available including bank financing, guaranteed loans, leasing, micro loans and working capital. Where to find loans, how to qualify for them and insight into which is best for your enterprise.

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