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Small Business Finance Institute (SBFI) offers resources to business lenders to meet the challenges of client financing, industry changes and career advancement.

Small Business Finance Institute 700x700Our ambition is to become the leading source of current news, insight and statistics about small business lenders, as well as a one-stop site for the latest information on the people, events and training resources serving the business lending sector.

SBFI was founded on the premise of providing sound, germane and principled information and resources to support and promote the commercial lending sector and its participants. We advocate for distribution of credit capital in a prudent, responsible manner that utilizes time-tested, regulatory compliant practices, which inures to the benefit of all stakeholders.


To foster a stronger, more profitable and responsive small business capital marketplace through better information, training, and mobility for individual business lenders.


  • Meeting client needs with prudent credit standards and competitive service.
  • Commercial lenders constantly working to improve their skills & job performance.
  • Capital providers cultivating client opportunities into mutual prosperity.


Leadership – best practices and fair play enhance trust, competition and results.

Entrepreneurship – creating opportunities from ideas, hard work and persistence.

Integrity – making every action as honorable as our best intention.

Respect – demonstration of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.

You are invited to engage with the resources and programs that are part of this enterprise, whether reading our publications, participating in training programs or joining the discussion with your comments. The lending industry will benefit from better informed, trained and participating business lenders.

I welcome your opinion about what resources are needed to raise professional commercial lending standards, enhance individual qualifications and improve the field of business lenders that work each day to distribute capital into the American economy. Write me at .

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