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Section 1. Commercial Lending  & Financial Analysis

Section 2. Commercial Real Estate Lending

Section 3. Asset-Based Lending

Section 4. Workouts and Lending Regulations

Section 5. Bank Lending and Economics

Section 6. Credit Markets & Economic Issues

Section 7. General Banking & Finance Topics

Section 8. Innovative Funding & Borrower Resources

Section 9. Borrower Resources
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About Financials Bookstore

Commercial lending is a challenging endeavor. Banks, non-banks and other financial intermediaries and advisors jockey to engage with clients seeking capital and beat out the competition. All the while, lenders have to maintain the credit standards established by their employer’s credit policies and meet the endless list of due diligence requirements and banking regulations.

It’s not something college prepared you for.

In today’s fast-paced economic environment, what you knew yesterday may be irrelevant or outdated tomorrow. To stay ahead of your peers, you have to stay informed. Sometimes that means going beyond the daily headlines and burrow into deeper sources of information to educate yourself.

To meet SBFI’s mission to foster a stronger, more profitable and responsive small business capital marketplace through better information, training, and mobility for individual commercial lenders, we’ve assembled these recommended book lists, which will be updated and expanded regularly.

Financials Bookstore offers a reading selection that’s designed to enhance your knowledge of the trade, and is assembled by seasoned lenders who know what you need. Powered by ® you can review any book mentioned and purchase it directly from our site.

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The Small Business Finance Institute was founded on the premise of providing sound, germane and principled information and resources to support and promote the commercial lending sector and its participants. We advocate distribution of credit capital in a prudent, responsible manner that utilizes time-tested, regulatory compliant practices, which inures to the benefit of all stakeholders.

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