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Money, Money Everywhere But Not a Drop for Main Street

Money, Money Everywhere But Not a Drop for Main Street by Bob Colemanby Bob Coleman

In the aftermath of the economic meltdown of 2008, Wall Street received a $787 BILLION bailout from the federal government while Main Street received foreclosure notices from its banks and handed out pink slips to its employees. Hammered by losses, stifled by regulators and faced with the greatest financial crisis in a generation, bankers hunkered down and cut off credit to the one place that creates jobs; Main Street… America’s small businesses.

Bob Coleman, the country’s leading expert on small business lending, spent a year talking to bankers and Main Street business owners about what happened to small-business lending and how to get capital flowing to Main Street again. His book captivatingly summarizes the change in thinking of both bankers and the survivors who continue to operate on Main Street. After reading Money Money Everywhere, you will understand the new “bank think” and the ten things you need to know to get a small business loan today.

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