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Romancing the Loan

Romancing the Loan by Larry Tylerby Larry Tyler

Learn not only to understand, know and meet the wants of your lender, but Romancing the Loan will put you on a faster road to success by focusing on ‘romancing’ all your business relationships.

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What Others Are Saying About This Book

“This book is full of good direction on not just obtaining a loan but supporting the correct relationship. Actually, the core information in this book covers ANY relationship. The author gives examples from his years in the industry and basic truths to guide the reader in establishing and maintaining a valuable relationship for all parties. While the goal of the book is obviously teaching the ins and outs of obtaining a loan, which it easily attains, the book can be used for guidance in all areas of business and personal life.”

Joel Quinn
Business Owner, Atlanta

“I’ve always considered bankers to be the enemy. You know the adage — a banker is someone who will lend you an umbrella when the sun is shining, but demand it back at the first hint of rain. But Larry has a point: you have to look at it from the banker’s point of view, and give him the ammunition he needs to get the loan approved. You have to cultivate the banker — establish a trusting relationship. You have to Romance your banker. And Larry proceeds to tell you how.

Financial information, including cash flow projections, turns out to be the dating equivalent of candy and flowers. Honesty and passion for your business figure prominently, of course. Also: frequent contact — whether the news is good or bad. Heads up on key financial events. I found the book to be an easy read, and entertaining while he drove home his critical points about what you need to do to maximize your chance of approval.

An unexpected treat was Larry’s business philosophy, and it made me realize I need to be reminded of it every once and again. And that is that business is all about relationships. You have to cultivate relationships, spend time on them, be nice, spread the love — to make the relationships enduring and valuable. It’s not only a good idea from a societal point of view, but it is good for business. When things get dicey, you sometimes forget that it is better to give than to receive. I’ve always preferred being nice to being an SOB, and Larry gives affirmation that this is the key to business, not just landing the next bank loan.”

Rusty Luhring
Founder of Luhring SurvivalWare, Inc.

“As a new entrepreneur seeking a start-up loan for a new business I was given this book from an investor friend that read it and said it would help with getting my loan. Larry Tyler does a wonderful job of showing what the lender wants and how to make the lender feel at ease about you and your situation. Along the way Larry gives great advice and examples not only for getting a loan but for making the relationship with the bank work. In fact I found that the most important part of the book was exactly that… about relationships. Larry shows how Godly relationships in life are what really makes the world go around. Thanks Larry for a great lesson not only in finance but also a life lesson on relationships!”

Trey Sharpton
Owner — Goin’ Postal franchise

“As a bank lender, I found the advice especially helpful to entrepreneurs and business owners that have had very little experience requesting business loans. As a lender, the most difficult part of putting a loan package together when the business owner is not seasoned is the constant requesting of items missing from the original loan package. The book was useful in explaining why these reports were necessary and the laws that govern banks. I also found that the advice and analogies in the book are very helpful in everyday life and could be applicable to a business owner seeking any type of professional service be it an insurance agent, attorney or even a doctor.”

Oliva Deets
Former bank loan officer

“This subject is very timely for businesses as we enter a season of creating ‘a new normal.’ Larry has managed to make what I expected to be a dry subject VERY interesting. The author goes much farther than giving information as he brings fresh revelation to the area of finance and money. It’s not difficult to read because of the way the author weaves stories & personal experience into each principle.

This book conveys a valuable perspective and much needed wisdom. Good to the last word — Bravo!”

Beverly Lewis
Speaker, Business Coach, Entrepreneur

“Larry Tyler has written an excellent book to describe the perfect business relationship one should develop with their lender — based on mutual respect and trust. Highly recommend you read it and apply lessons to other vital relationships in your business.”

Charles H. Green
Former bank president, Executive Director — Small Business Finance Institute

“This book should be read by every entrepreneur, business owner or anyone thinking of starting their own business or borrowing money.”

Louis Buck
Interim Dean, Western Carolina University’s College of Business

“More than a book about business and how to deal with banks but a great book about how to improve your life.”

Carlos Evans
Senior Bank Executive and Loan Officer

“Larry Tyler shares with you the secrets to, as he says, ‘to open the vault with your lender.’ He takes you into the mind and heart of the lender/banker so you dramatically increase the likelihood of getting the money you need to grow your business and create the company of your dreams.”

Philip Campbell
Author, CPA and Consultant

“Invaluable guidance on everything you need to know about obtaining a business loan; from building a relationship with your lender, building credit, creating value, repositioning your business during tough times, understanding lending rules and laws.”

Ken Marsh
Author, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Curriculum Developer