Are Your Business Lenders Productive Enough?

By Charles H. Green

Catherine Clifford offers an insightful article in Entrepreneur Magazine, but actually it’s more of a sign post. It’s only 141 words but it directs readers to an infographic that contains some powerful ideas and overarching theme that’s needed by many people in our trade, particularly by business developers: be more productive.

I can already hear the question from some who are reading this post – what’s an infographic? Why are they asking

Anna Vital, Funders and Founders

Anna Vital, Funders and Founders

that question this late in the digital age? Because they just haven’t gotten around to making a clear connection between that term and a kind of illustration they’ve probably seen before, which helped them learn something visually.

And it’s that procrastinating that’s probably one of the largest barriers to many people being productive at a level more reflective of their true potential.

What’s the difference between a productive BDO and an unproductive one?

BDOs at the top of their class return every phone call as soon as possible. They field emails regularly, answer silly questions, go online to get information now, explain details to loan processors and report problems to the boss promptly.

They also close most of the loans.

Unproductive BDOs check in with headhunters a lot.

In April, I’m presenting a course on Lending Leadership at ABA’s Graduate Commercial Lending School, and this infographic will definitely be used in my presentation there. Why? Because productive people tend to not only get more accomplished than others, but a lot more. Productive people become leaders because they’re productive.

Check out this information and see whether your productivity could use a few better habits.


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