The featured panel discussion was ‘Thinking Outside the Bank,’ a discussion on alternative financing products for small business owners that are using technology to deliver capital financing.Stepping Up To Business testimonialLisa Robinson of ACE presents a thorough explanation of the availability of micro financing to small business owners.Lara Hodgson,, makes a point about how small businesses can accidently become banks for other businesses if their accounts payable grow too fast.Stepping Up To Business testimonialAndy Fried of Small Business Development Center @ Kennesaw State University explains how to create of winning business plan.Andrew Tate (Southface) and Patrick Rary (Metro Chamber) listen intently to learn how to get more information from a business financial statement.Stepping Up To Business testimonialAnngie Jenkins, David Anderson and Sandra Skeens explain the finer points of recovering and maintaining a positive consumer credit score.Ashby Green (Tradebank Atlanta), Eric Moran (Creative Loafing) & Henry Sossa (Southern Barter Club) explain how barter exchanges can provide businesses with a valuable tool to conserve capital.Stepping Up To Business testimonial

Stepping Up to Business

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February 27th, 2013
The Loudermilk Center
Atlanta, GA

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SBFI presents STEPPING UP TO BUSINESS, a conference to teach small business owners and entrepreneurs about financing a business. This event brings together bankers, investors, and accountants to provide mentoring on how to fund your path to success.

Learn how to find funding for your business from professionals who have produced $ billions of small business financing.

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Advance Registration (before December 1, 2012) $150.00
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Morning Sessions (General + Workshops 1 & 2 + Lunch program) $125.00
Afternoon Sessions (Workshops 3 & 4 + Speed Dating for Capital) $125.00

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