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Get Financing Now by Charles H. GreenObtaining capital is the key to getting any small business up and running, and with Get Financing Now, small business owners will learn how to navigate directly to business financing, even in today’s tough economy.

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What Others Are Saying About This Book

“Every entrepreneur should read this book, ideally before they start their next business. The insights into finance and financial planning should help the entrepreneur not make many of the mistakes I did!”

Jim Beach
Director of Education at The Entrepreneur School and author of School for Start-Ups (McGraw-Hill)

“An exhaustive and invaluable resource for companies seeking funding at any stage of their life cycle.”

Donald J. Mullineaux
DuPont Chair in Banking and Financial Services
Gatton College of Business and Economics
University of Kentucky

Get Financing Now is a must for every entrepreneur starting a business or growing a business who believes they need outside capital to be successful. Although an easy and enjoyable read, the information and insight Charles Green provides isn’t sugar coated. It is relevant and timely in today’s economic challenging times. It seemed that every page had at least one ‘golden nugget’ that an entrepreneur could literally ‘take to the bank.’”

Karen Rands
Strategic advisor to entrepreneurs regarding access to capital and coordinator of an Atlanta based angel investor group.

“Charles Green’s new book Get Financing Now is a real-world description of what small-business owners must know to fund start-up or growth, and improves the probability for small-business owners to get the funding they need.”

Jerry Chautin
National business columnist, former entrepreneur, SCORE business mentor and SBA’s 2006 national “Journalist of the Year.”

“Charles Green has done it again, helping Main Street get access to capital. Get Financing Now expertly aids entrepreneurs to understand how lenders view them and, more importantly, where they can get the capital to fulfill their dream.”

Bob Coleman
Publisher of the Coleman Report

“Charles Green is a change agent for entrepreneurs in the field of acquiring financing and capital. He has written the premier guide to help entrepreneurs through the changes needed to acquire capital in the new marketplace thrust upon us by the great recession. I highly recommend Get Financing Now.”

Larry Tyler
Author of Romancing the Loan (Alpine Publishing)

“A fantastic read! To the point and explains business terms for laymen — helps grasping the concept easily. Love It!”

Colethea Jenkins
Build Grow and Enjoy