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By Charles H. Green

Don’t necessarily believe everything you hear verbatim. For example, think of your last flight when the attendant said, “we’re on our final approach…”

As a child in the 1960s and 1970s, life was without most of the technological advances we have today that effectively rush us along to do more in less time. This condition is supposed to be an improvement, right?

One attribute of those years that’s often missing today is perspective, particularly in terms newsof information. Back then there were only three television networks, yet no shortage of great programming. So much so that it was often difficult to decide which program to watch at any time during an 18-hour broadcast day.

Today with thousands of network choices streaming 24/7, to me it seems most aren’t worth watching. News was available in those days through only a few select sources, but each of them were competent and completely trusted. While news arrived more slowly, before it was released it was fact-checked, proof-read by dozens of associates and carefully edited for accuracy and balanced context.

That level of clear, accurate messaging is harder to find these days since the internet has elevated everyone with a keyboard to expert status.

As my career  reached higher milestones and more media sources appeared in search of information, I began to get invitations to share my perspective and insight about commercial lending to various segments of the business media.

My response to many of these requests was to submit original articles to explain various facets about our business as I knew it. Later, I penned a few books and responded to other media outlets that have amounted to plenty of my perspective being offered to other lenders and small business owners in several formats. Eventually I even began to get paid for writing about the business I had grown to know so well.

A collection of my contributed articles is offered here, filtered through my thirty-plus years of business lending experience and the thousands of transactions on which it rests. These various articles are categorized in the page links below according to either the subject or the source where I published these many works.

In addition, since Sunrise Bank of Atlanta figured so prominently in my career, I added a page to recount its brief history, particularly the positive results of that story, since most information about the bank found through a quick internet search focuses only on the last chapter.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy or benefit from the observations I’ve collected and shared.

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