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SBFI managing director Charles H. Green has been an information source for media outlets for many years and has been interviewed for answers, reaction and commentary about issues related to small business capital, business lending and banking. Links to many of these interviews and other articles about SBFI are found below:


Neither Banks Nor Borrowers Know What They Don’t Know                                 06/25/2014

You Want a Small Business Loan for What?                                                     06/25/2014

Interview with Joe Moss/On The Money                                                             06/25/2014 Listen at BusinessRadioX

The Banker’s Guide to New Small Business Finance                                        06/24/2014  Listen at Business Fuel Podcast #80

Neither Banks Nor Borrowers Know What They Don’t Know                           06/23/20614  Deseret News

Common Mistakes Business Owners Make That Make Borrowing Difficult         05/30/14

The Coleman Report’s Memo to Well’s Fargo

The Customer is #1? Really? 

Transformation Starts at the Top/Podcast #69

Do You Really Have the Customer’s Interest at Heart?

Main Street and Wall Street Are Not on the Same Street


The New Entrepreneur: Odyssey for a Dream                                                     12/25/2013

Startup Basic Course Highlights Challenges
11/16/13 Herald-Tribune  Read Article

Capital Hill Showdown Shuts Down the SBA
10/01/2013  Read Article

Small Business Financing is Available, Just Not Where You’re Looking
09/25/2013  Read Article

Another, Faster Way for Loans to be Approved, or Not
09/22/2013  Herald-Tribune  Read Article

What Do You Think? Should the SBA Be Abolished?

Should the Small Business Administration Be Abolished?
09/06/2013  Deseret News  Read Article

Construction Loans are Picking Up Again
07/17/2013  Cherokee-Scout  Read Article

Dreams and Risk Converge at the Construction Site
07/15/2013  Herald-Tribune  Read Article

With Affordable Care Act, Do You Win or Lose?
07/08/2013  Herald-Tribune  Read Article

To Head Off Loan Rejection, Take Charge of Process
06/03/2103  Herald-Tribune  Read Article

SBA Loan Process Goes Digital and Cut Some Fees
05/22/2013  The Network Journal  Read Article

Starved for Cash, Main Street Turns to Alternative Lenders
03/20/2013  Read Article

5 Ways to Fund Your Small Business
03/12/2013  Kiplinger  Read Article

Leverage Your Business Development Reach
01/28/2013 Coleman Report-Read Article

Financing: From DIY to the Bank
01/07/2013  BOA Small Business Community


Writing Your SBA Credit Loan Box Policy
12/24/2012  Coleman Report-Read Article

Two Types of Business Loans Outside the Bank
12/05/2012  FoxBusiness  Read Article

Creative Financing Grow in Popularity
12/03/2012  Entrepreneur Magazine  Read Article

Charles Green to Speak at Start-Up Bootcamp                                                     11/10/2012  Kingonomics

Underwriting Borrower Projections
11/05/2012  Coleman Report-Read Article

Navigating the SBA Loan Process: Q&A with Charles Green                               11/3/2012   Apple Capital Group

Navigating the SBA Loan Process
11/02/2012  BOA Small Business Community Read Article

Calculating Borrower Global Cash Flow
10/01/2012  Coleman Report-Read Article

Go With the Flow
08/31/2012  Atlanta Business Chronicle  Read Article

Franchising is Safer for Lenders and Entrepreneurs                                                      7/18/2012 Huffington Post

Interview with Bernie Wolford, Buckingham Business Review, Segment 4
07/16/2012  Watch at Buckingham Business Review

Interview with Bernie Wolford, Buckingham Business Review, Segment 3
07/10/2012  Watch at Buckingham Business Review

What You Need to Know to Underwriter Franchise Loans
07/09/2012  Coleman Report-Read Article 

Interview with Bernie Wolford, Buckingham Business Review, Segment 2
06/27/2012  Watch at Buckingham Business Review

Interview with Bernie Wolford, Buckingham Business Review, Segment 1
06/25/2012  Watch at Buckingham Business Review

Program Delivers Capital for Small Business                                                      06/24/2012  Atlanta Journal Constitution-Read Article

Funding Isn’t Always Going to Be Cash
06/23/2012  M.O./  Read Article

Interview with Lee Kantor, DeKalb Chamber’s “Building Capacity Series”
06/23/2012  Listen at Business RadioX  Read Article

SBA’s Rules Make Small Loans Attainable for Most
06/20/2012  Cherokee Scout  Read Article

New Rules Get Small Loans Flowing Again
06/18/2012  Herald-Tribune  Read Article 

New Rules Get Small Commercial Loans Back on Track
06/12/2012 Article

Underwriting Business Acquisition Loans
06/11/2012  Coleman Report-Read Article 

Improve Vendor Relations and the Bottom Line
06/01/2012  American Express Global Payments-Read Article

Managing Third Party Originator Relationships
03/19/2012  Coleman Report-Read Article

Digital Age Lending Embraces Old-Time Principles
02/27/2012  Read Article

Finance Your Business Without the Crutch of Real Estate Inflation
02/14/2012  Listen at Small Business Trends Radio  Read Article

Commercial Mortgage Bankers Are Doing Deals
02/01/2012  Huffington Post   Read Article 

Small Business Loans: How They Work And What You Should Know
01/24/2012  International Business Times  Read Article

Interview with Caz Taylor & Ruben Garcia, SBA Radio, Segment 1
01/19/2012  Listen at

Interview with Caz Taylor & Ruben Garcia, SBA Radio, Segment 2
01/19/2012  Listen at

Interview With Nicole Fende, The Numbers Whisperer
01/18/2012  Listen at

Interview With Karen Rands, the Compassionate Capitalist
01/13/2012  Listen at

Amazing Entrepreneur Contest for Gwinnett County Small Business Owners
01/10/2012  Small Business Tools-Read Article

Interview With Peter McClellan
01/09/2012  Listen at

Interview With Barbara Weltman
01/02/2012  Listen at


Interview with Annemarie Cross, The Ambitious Entrepreneur
12/26/2011  Listen at WebTalkRadio

Amazing Entrepreneur Contest for Gwinnett County Small Business Owners
12/24/2011  Read Article

Get Creative to Finance Business Real Estate
12/07/2011  Small Business Authority-Read Article

OIG Audit Touts 40% Error Rate
12/05/2011  Coleman Report-Read Article

Interview with Eric Dye
12/05/2011  Listen at Entrepreneur Podcast Network

Interview with Colethea Jenkins, Build, Grow & Enjoy
11/09/2011  Listen at

Business Outlays for Vets Often Hidden
11/07/2011  Atlanta Journal Constitution-Read Article

Yelton Joins TAB Bank
10/21/2011 MarketWatch-Read Article  World Leasing News-Read Article

Yelton Joins TAB Bank
10/21/2011 CFA Secured Lender  Reuters  MarketWired  Retail Banking

How Cain’s 9-9-9- Plan Could Slam Small Business
10/18/2011  Inc. Magazine  Read Article

How to Beat the Defensive Pricing Game
10/11/2011  Inc. Magazine  Read Article

Make Your Credit Policy SBA Compliant
09/26/2011  Coleman Report-Read Article

Obama Unveils Jobs Plan
09/09/2011  Inc. Magazine  Read Article

For Small Business, Projections Must Be Accurate, and Credible
08/22/2011  Herald-Tribune  Read Article 

Dekalb County Small Business Summit
08/18/2011  Dekalb Chamber of Commerce  Read Article

Lender “Screws Up,” Others Can Learn From Its Mistakes
08/17/2011  Huffington Post  Read Article

How Bankers and SBA Look at Projected Income
08/15/2011  Herald-Tribune  Read Article 

How Will the Debt Deal Affect Your Business?

How You Will Benefit From the Debt Deal
08/02/2011  Inc. Magazine  Read Article

Interview with Karen Rands, the Compassionate Capitalist
07/22/2011  Listen at BlogTalk Radio

Interview with Tim Morrison, Write Here, Write Now
07/12/2011  Listen at Business RadioX 

New Rules of Getting a Small Business Loan
06/29/2011  Inc. Magazine  Read Article

Small Business: Landing a Loan in a Tight Economy
06/13/2011 Newsday  Read Article

Interview with
06/07/2011  Read Article

What to Do If You Can’t Make Your SBA Loan Payments
05/30/2011  Read Article 

Failing Business, Rising Debt: When to Give Up
05/27/2011  Read Article

Interview with Colethea Jenkins, Build, Grow & Enjoy
05/19/2011  Listen at BlogTalk Radio

Charles Green Featured in Sarah Larson Lecture Series                                 04/27/2011  Georgia Perimeter College

Entrepreneurs Are Stopped Cold For Lack of Skin in the Game
04/18/2011  Huffington Post  Read Article

Bankers Grab Your Collateral When You Default
04/07/2011  Huffington Post  Read Article

Loan Officers Decide on Character and Credit
04/04/2011  Herald-Tribune  Read Article

Lenders Want Collateral to Finance Your Business
03/30/2011  Cherokee  Read Article

Skin-and Flesh, Blood and Bones-in Game
03/28/2011  Herald-Tribune  Read Article

How to Get a Small Business Bank Loan
03/24/2011  Huffington Post  Read Article

Bankers Want Financial Projections to Approve Loans
03/16/2011  Cherokee Scout  Read Article

Art and Science of Convincing Lenders
03/14/2011  Herald-Tribune  Read Article

Interview with Tawana Black, Business in Black
03/11/2011  Listen here at KISS-104

Interview with Al Burroughs
03/05/2011  Listen here at 

Small Business Financing Conference Set
02/23/2011  Atlanta Daybook  Read Article

Small Business Financing Conference
02/19/2011 Article

Second Stepping Up To Business Conference Comes to Atlanta

Is Debt Good For Your Business?
02/04/2011 Read Article

With US Debt at $14 Trillion, Memory of Treasury Secretary Invoked
02/03/2011  Read Article

Dennis Lockhart to Address Forum on Managing Public Debt
02/03/2011  Atlanta Daybook  Read Article

Obama’s Job Creation Plan and Business Growth Coincide at Exporting
01/30/2011  Huffington Post  Read Article

Classes Teach Financial Ropes
01/30/2011  Atlanta Journal Constitution-Read Article

Small Business Financing Conference Set
01/26/2011  Atlanta Daybook  Read Article

Interview with Dawn Ely, Corporate Conversations
01/25/2011  Listen at Business RadioX

SBFI Seeks to Improve Business Owner Financial Literacy
01/23/2011  Atlanta Journal Constitution-Read Article

Interview with Bernie Wolford, Accelerator Avenue
01/21/2011  Listen at Business RadioX

The Advantage of Refinancing Business Debt
01/14/2011  The Small Business Authority Read Article 

2010 & Earlier

Fmr. Banker Launches Enterprise to Improve Entrepreneur Financial Skills
12/15/2010  Coleman  Read Article

New Statewide Non-Profit Helps Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
12/10/2010  Read Article

SBFI Seeks to Help Small Business Owners Financial Literacy
12/10/2010  Atlanta Business Chronicle  Read Article

Guaranteed Lending Will Be the New Norm
12/08/2010  Atlanta  Read Article

Loan Program Gets a Raise                                                                                   10/31/2010  Atlanta Journal Constitution-Read Article

Larger Loans May Help Out Local Businesses
10/27/2010  Cherokee Scout-Read Article

Interview with Carrie Tegeder
08/04/2010  Listen at Business RadioX

SBA Loans Plummet After Stimulus Breaks Expire
07/09/2010  Washington Business Journal Read Article

Interview with Steve Gross, The Gross Reality
06/30/2010  Listen at

Intrigued by Atlanta, Estonian Official to Return

Owners, Bankers Sold on Loan Plan
01/29/2010  Atlanta Journal Constitution-Read Article 

Small Firms on Reed’s To-Do List
01/29/2010  Atlanta Journal Constitution-Read Article 

Swiss Solutions on Georgia Transport Woes to be Presented at Forum

Swiss Have the Right Idea for Business
11/23/2009  Atlanta Business Chronicle  Read Article 

WCC to Shine Global Spotlight on Atlanta
11/11/2009  Atlanta Business Chronicle  Read Article

How to Raise Millions for Your Business                                                             07/20/09     Annona Enterprises

Can Your Business Still Land a Loan?
07/09/2009  Entrepreneur Magazine  Read Article 

Small Business Find it Tough to Borrow                                                               7/7/2009  Atlanta Regional Commission

Small Businesses Find it Tough to Borrow
07/07/2009  Atlanta Journal Constitution-Read Article 

Rising Rates Put Hold on Housing Revival
06/06/2009  Atlanta Journal Constitution-Read Article

Fair Value: Change in Mark to Market Accounting Rules is Drawing Both Concerns and Question Marks?
04/23/2009  Business2Business Magazine-Read Article

What Bankers Want?
02/16/2009  Business2Business Magazine-Read Article 

What Do Bankers Think?
02/05/2009  Business2Business Magazine-Read Article 

Show Us the Money
11/11/2008  Business2Business Magazine-Read Article

Changes Abound
11/02/2008  Atlanta Journal Constitution-Read Article

Does the SBA Have a Dime to Spare?
04/18/2008 Article

Reaction Time-During Slowdown Small Businesses Can Make Major Gains 
03/17/2008  Atlanta Business Chronicle  Read Article

Credit Crunch Should Have Zero Impact on Loans 
11/05/2007  Atlanta Business Chronicle Read Article

Georgia Business Leaders Cheer Rise in Minimum Wage                                          7/24/2007  Business For a Fair Minimum Wage

Where to Turn for a Small Business Loan 
07/01/2007  Success Magazine-Read Article

Big Growth for Little Banks 
04/01/2007  Business2Business Magazine-Read Article

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Credit Evaluation and Approval

Loan Proposals

What You Need to Know About Making a Personal Guarantee

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