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  1. Jelani Asar, Income Protection Atlanta says:

    Fellow Campers,

    Who knew?

    The Financial Boot Camp was even more enlightening than I expected. It is easy to see that Charles Green is the premier expert in the small business financing niche.

    Green’s Boot Camp was intense. He transformed my brain and opened new pathways for brand new thinking.

    Charles really goes from A to Z in the small business financing world, from macro economic forecasts to basic financial statement calculations to bootstrapping to venture capital.

    What you notice is that the Camp leaves you wanting to go deeper and deeper. Great people. Great presenter. Comfortable learning environment.

    Keep it coming Mr. Green!

    Thank You Charles,

    Jelani Asar, Income Protection Atlanta

  2. Monica Ndolo - MBA (Entrepreneurship) Student with Financial Sector Experience says:

    Financial B%T camp is an excellent platform for any entrepreneur who seeks
    to either establish their business in the market place or catapult their
    firm to the next level.

    The training not only provides a 360 degree view
    of one’s business, it gives business owners perspective and delivers the
    message in a language that can be understood, for practical business

  3. Mark Richardson, Attorney and Founder, Sixth Sense Law (Richardson Sixth, LLC) says:

    I gained tremendous benefit from attending B%t Camp with Mr. Green. I believe the Camp serves both as (1) a great introduction to financing principles for those starting new ventures, and (2) a broad-based, yet quite in-depth survey of the nuances of finance for non-CFO management personnel and their advisors.

    The content of the course is laid out exceptionally well, and there is enough of it to double the length of the seminar without belaboring unimportant concepts. Highly recommend!

  4. Gene Wright, Managing Partner Northstar Consulting LLC says:


    I very much enjoyed your Financial % Boot Camp workshop! The course’s content was relevant, presented in a clear, concise manner utlizing excellent graphics. More importantly, your presentation style made the information “come alive” with the real world examples you provided us.

    You can be sure that I will insist that any of my clients hoping to obtain business financing attend your course as a primer for how to prepare their company before beginning the hunt for investment capital!

    Your course has relevance for entrepreneurs and seasoned CEO’s alike because the content reflects today’s business challenges regardless of size. I plan to attend future boot camps as I try to “get in shape” to provide better advice and counsel to my clients!

    Gene Wright, Managing Partner, Northstar Consulting LLC

  5. Carl Anthony says:

    If you are in business or considering a business venture then you definitely want to take the Boot Camp offered by Charles Green of SBFI. He presents the material in an upbeat manner from a vast library of life experiences. He is on the cutting edge of what’s going on in the financial community and lends his expertise to keep you from the pitfalls of financing your idea. I found the two-day intensive informative and extremely open to interaction. Highly recommend as two days is not too much to invest in yourself!.

  6. Rachel Naddor Hilgers says:

    Charles Green has been directly involved in loaning many millions of dollars throughout his career, so he knows his material, inside and out. If you have any financial concerns about the future of your current business or dream to begin a new venture, I would highly recommend attending Charles’ class where you will learn in detail every aspect of the process of securing the funding you need. His class is rich with content and value.

  7. Ron Mangum says:

    FINANCIAL B%T CAMP is a Big Step in Knowledge attainment in a Small Package. The two day seminar provides an intense and focused sweep of many relevant facts and details needed to operate your enterprise more effectively as it relates to dollars and sense.

  8. Nina Ijere says:

    My time at each day of the 2-day financial boot camp was all well worth my time, not only did Mr. Green deliver a rich content workshop, he was knowledgeable about the topic and answered every question. His over 30 years experience in the banking and finance industry made the delivery more practical from a point of experience on his part rather than from a theoretical stand point. From how to become fund-able by bank and investors to projecting operations to cash flows to building a financing proposal, mentioning a few, I am leaving this workshop so armed and ready to take my businesses to the next level! Thanks for your passion, Charles! Hope to have you speak at the Bloom Event 2012.

  9. Marilyn Pearlman says:

    The Financial Boot Camp seminar opened my eyes and mind to many financial issues in my business. Not only is Charles Green a reliable source of financial information for an entrepreneur, but also he makes the two-day seminar an enjobable time for all attendees.

  10. Al Matthews says:

    Without killing me, B%t Camp made me stronger. It was something of a personal and social risk for me as a working artist, to enroll — because what would I care about SBA loans and cash flow reporting, yes? And it’s true, there weren’t a lot of me in attendance. Charles’ curriculum was a provocative challenge to my habits of thinking: realpolitik in socially responsible guise.

  11. Dahlys Hamilton says:

    My daughter, Janelle, and I attended the Sept 9, 10 FINANCIAL B%TCAMP and were greatly impressed with the content of the workshop and Charles’ personable and humorous training style. Every business owner who wants to learn how to get and keep their financial house in order should attend one of his sessions. As owner of our Linkedin group, Metro Atlanta Business Network, I added SBFI’s RSS feed to our group so that our group members can take advantage of Charles’ financial expertise and stay informed about his future events. Janelle and I look forward to attending as many of his workshops as possible in order to learn how to keep our business financially on track.

  12. Kim Skinner-Clark says:

    In two short days, Charles took us from the financials of a lemonade stand to a multi-million dollar public corporation. For a “recovering banker,” he’s doing some amazing stuff to educate the entrepreneurs who bring economic recovery with them to work every day. I train micro entrepreneurs on very similar content and I’m telling all of my students here and now, if you can make it to Charles’ next Financial B%tcamp, feel free to skip my class!

    Seriously, Charles has created something so clear, so straight forward, I just want to bring my training skills up to par and become certified to use his materials at Small Business Finance Institute. We are fortunate that Charles calls Atlanta his home…and for those not in Atlanta, rest easy. Word on the street is, will be making this more broadly available. Don’t miss this.

  13. Jermane Enoch says:

    Charles Green is one of the best financial experts I’ve ever heard speak. He presented business finance fundamentals in an easy comprehensive way that helped campers understand how to change their day-to-day operations. He covered many topics including the 5 C’s of Credit (Capacity, Capital, Collateral, Character), Financial Ratios, Third-Party Financing, Balance Sheet and Income Statements, Cash Flow Cycles, how to develop a Business Financing Proposal, preparing your Business and Personal Profiles, and detailed discussion of the different kinds of Start-Up, Equity and Debt Capital.

    All of this information was within a two-day workshop that caused me to rethink and reconsider how to measure and manage my business cash flow. He covered several topics in practical ways that empowered me with better analytical skills to effectively diagnosis my results before presenting it to a banker or investor. The presentation was not intimidating but challenging campers to enhance our own fiscal accountability and responsibility to ourselves and our respective businesses. Overall, the presentation encouraged us to be more transparent when requesting business or personal financing from banks, investors, government, friends, and family members.

    I recommend Charles Green’s 2-day FINANCIAL B%T CAMP to any business owner, especially small businesses, non-profit organizations, and even higher education instructors who need some real-world perspective. I know start-up companies and business students will enjoy the common sense yet in-depth, professional approach business finance fundamentals in an effective, interactive platform. This two-workshop was better than my MBA finance course!

  14. Dahna M. Chandler says:

    I attended this boot camp on September 9 and 10, 2011, and it was a worthwhile investment of my time and resources. Not only did I learn more than I expected, I got to know Charles better and met some outstanding business people who will become part of my network. This is the second event that I attended sponsored by SBFI and I will attend as many as I can in the future. If you’re not a Charles Green and SBFI fan, attending SBFI events like the Financial B%t Camp will make you one for good–the good of your business!

  15. Michelle Morgan says:

    This workshop was incredible last month. It made finance seem simple and clear.

    I realized I was doing a better job of thinking about the right things, but the structure that the workshop brought to my process of reviewing the business was so clear. So, what does that mean? That instead of taking the temperature of the business on a post-it each week and doing a two day sprint in the accounting system once a month. . . now, I have an organized and clear way to catalogue the information every month. I love it, Charles Green!

  16. Theresa Spralling says:

    Business Owners + Charles H. Green’s Financial Bootcamp = Sustainability + Competitive Advantage. The 2-Day Financial Bootcamp conducted by Charles H. Green exceeded my expectations on all counts. He equipped me with powerful points on business and finance that changed my life. In this extremely competitive environment coupled with a failing economy, it is imperative that we, as business owners, understand how to get what we need and how to leverage it.

    Charles H. Green provides information critical to your financial fitness and your business success. If you want to tone up in your knowledge area; strengthen your competitive advantage and expand your leverage, you MUST attend this bootcamp!

  17. Amy Stankus says:

    Can a 2 day seminar on business finances and funding be fun? YES – if Charles H. Green is leading it! Who knew how much interesting and relevant information could be gleaned from a financial statement?

    I gained valuable and accessible information on the topics that made clear the importance of keeping up with the financial parts of a business. And now it will be easier because Charles showed us what to look for and how to figure it out.

  18. Joel Quinn says:

    Highly recommend this 2-day course.

    Charles is of course an expert in this field and has a wealth of insight on finance. However, what makes this course especially useful is Charles’ ability to break down the complex (to me!) concepts into smaller understandable chunks…and then reassemble the pieces so it still works.

    ~joel quinn

  19. The first FINANCIAL B%T CAMP was a great success with full engagement and lively discussion among participants, very good host facilities at HUB Atlanta and good peer-to-peer connections at the end of workshop. A terrific start!

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