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SBFI managing director Charles H. Green has been an occasional contributor to the Atlanta Business Chronicle on various topics for several years, primarily on issues related to ABCbanking finance. But as an outspoken advocate for arts and culture, Green also offered some opinions about local public cultural funding from time to time. The Chronicle is a division of American City Business Journals, which publishes business information in nearly 50 U.S. cities.

Links to many of Green’s articles are below:

Fulton’s Arts are High Yield                                                                                           02/12/2007 Atlanta Business Chronicle  Read Article

Public Funding of Art Pays Off                                                                                          02/21/2005 Atlanta Business Chronicle

Other Georgia Must Back Perdue’s Plan                                                                           01/05/2004 Atlanta Business Chronicle

Usually Bigger Isn’t Better in Banking                                                                            11/24/2003 Atlanta Business Chronicle

Creative Thinking, Not Taxes, Needed for Arts                                                                   10/27/2003 Atlanta Business Chronicle

CitiCorp Merger Shows What Future Holds for Bank Industry                                   04/20/1998 Atlanta Business Chronicle

Takeovers at Big Banks Spell Big Problems for Consumers                                        12/15/1997 Atlanta Business Chronicle

Oxford Book’s Story Didn’t Have to End the Way It Did                                                05/26/1997 Atlanta Business Chronicle

In late 2012/early 2013, Green engaged in an impromptu public debate with Atlanta commercial real estate lender Robert Dell through the Chronicle’s editorial pages. This discussion centered around differing views of the appropriate level of financial regulation imposed on the banking industry following the financial crisis of 2008 and the subsequent passage of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Who won? Both contributors offered vigorous arguments and a valid recitation of supporting facts and banking history. Read this interesting series and judge for yourself.

Reduce the Scope of Government in Banking 
11/23/2012  Atlanta Business Chronicle

Unregulated Banks? Been There, Done That                                                             11/30/2012  Atlanta Business Chronicle  Read Article

A Rebuttal to Charles Green on Banking                                                                         12/07/2012  Atlanta Business Chronicle

Respectfully, Mr. Dell, You Are Incorrect                                                                   12/14/2012  Atlanta Business Chronicle  Read Article

The Cause of the Financial Crisis: Under-Regulation or Mis-Regulation? 
12/21/2012  Atlanta Business Chronicle

Do You Think This is What Friedrich Hayek Intended? 
01/04/2013  Atlanta Business Chronicle  Read Article

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