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SBFI managing director Charles H. Green has been an occasional contributor to the on various topics concerning entrepreneur financing and small business funding since 2014.

FundWell was founded by financial advocates for small business whose passion is focused downloadon helping small businesses get more and better access to capital, which is usually the business owner’s greatest challenge.

FundWell has a national lender network that collectively offers multiple funding products to small companies. With financial education, transparency and a technology platform to access their lender network, FundWell efficiently matches each business client with as many as three funding options.

By continuing to utilize financial wellness tips and planning advice offered by FundWell, , business owners can improve their ‘fundability’ in order to acquire lower-cost capital and maximize their financial condition to support future growth.

More information about the company can be found at

Links to Green’s contributions are found below:

Collateral is the Backstop for Lenders                                                                                06/04/2014

Your Business Cycle Determines Your Fundability                                                         04/23/2014

Write Down the Details for Business Lenders                                                                  04/18/2014

Prepare Business Lender Applications Patiently                                                             04/11/2014

If Money Flows Like Water, Why Are You So Thirsty?                                                 03/14/2014





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