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5 Responses to Stepping Up To Business

  1. Crystal Black says:

    A great event with an array of professionals and experts that provided a wealth of information. I am looking forward to the next one!

  2. Monica Schreiber, CPA, MBA says:

    I highly recommend the Small Business Finance Institute seminar. I attended in March 2011. The Cash Flow and Writing a Successful Business Plan/Financing Proposal courses were very thorough. You will find useful courses whether you are in the idea phase, already operating a small-to-midsize business, or needing information about financing options and sources.

  3. Larry Tyler says:

    “Stepping Up to Business 2011″ was a great success and opportunity for business owners and lenders of all types to learn and connect with others of like mind. As a former business lender myself, I found the advice and information from the various types of lenders to be of great content and value – something that could easily be digested and applied – during these tough economic times. The ability of business owners then to engage in conversation with the various lenders of choice was an added plus to an event that way over delivered for the price. I highly recommend “Stepping Up to Business 2012″ for all business owners. Miss this event at your own risk!

  4. Benjamin Suggs says:

    This a very educational event for small business owners. Attendees get the flexibility to attend multiple panels with different subject matters, so that they can utilize their investment of time and money to maximize the value they get from the conference.

    The open networking sessions also give business owners a chance to connect, socialize and CLOSE BUSINESS!

  5. Dahna M. Chandler says:

    “Stepping Up to Business 2011″ was AWESOME! I have been looking for this event to return for over a year and I can’t wait to go to 2012′s conference. I not only learned so much about business development, operations and finance at the conference that it’s not quantifiable, information which helped me grow my own businesses and serve my clients better, I made some of the best connections I’ve ever made at any event.

    If you’re just considering attending this event, stop thinking about it and ATTEND. This is a “must do” event for every small-business owner and the professionals that serve them. Charles Green is a genius for creating this opportunity for small business and he only has the best presenters, too. This event will enhance your business opportunities and success in 2012 the way it did mine in 2011. Don’t deliberate on this; decide to attend!

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