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SBFI provides commercial lender training to develop broader competencies for persons with more than ten years’ experience, those with executive credit development, management, or policy responsibilities, or those aspiring to a similar role in their organization.

Whether in a regulated commercial bank environment or a non-bank finance company, our Senior-Executive level training offers top-notch mentorship and executive counseling to enhance or prepare your skills for leadership in a lending organization.

SBFI is building a curriculum of commercial lending courses to enhance every career and help lenders move upward to the next level of success. All of our commercial lender training is provided through streaming video on-demand, and is developed and presented by commercial lenders with ‘hands-on’ experience or due diligence professionals from several disciplines that affect commercial lending.

This company was founded on the premise of providing sound, relevant and principled information and resources to support and promote the commercial lending sector and its participants. We advocate for distribution of credit capital in a prudent, responsible manner that utilizes time-tested, regulatory compliant practices, which inures to the benefit of all stakeholders.

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