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As Managing Director of SBFI, I want to share an explanation about our company’s value proposition to commercial lenders of every sector.

Over the years, I spent considerable time trying to learn how to better perform my job. My first bank employer invested in more than eight weeks of training for me in my first two years on the job, where I was mentored by many seasoned bankers in various roles around the business of commercial lending. Today, that degree of training is rarely found.

SBFI was formed to address a training and subsequent knowledge gap facing our industry. We’ll offer top-notch professional training through streaming video-on-demand, available to lenders when they want it 24/7, through an online university that will offer dozens of courses to improve your skills.

Our vision is to offer learning experiences for the entire lending staff, ranging from those recently hired in their first credit job, all the way to the Board of Directors, who make the largest credit decisions for your company.

All training will provide competent presentations by seasoned commercial lenders, who teach from their extensive hands-on experience of transaction work for a variety of banks and non-bank lending companies.

We will add value to your career.

The cost to send employees out of the office for several days, plus association memberships, conference registration and travel make ongoing training a significant burden for banks and non-bank lending companies alike.

Webinars are outdated technology scheduled during peak office hours, which is disruptive to everyone’s business, and their topic selection and frequency is driven by their own sales results, rather than meeting client needs.

Video training is available when lenders want it and can be accessed in the sequence they want to use it. Whether for occasional training experiences or a multi-course regimen scheduled to get quick results, video-on-demand empowers lending companies to take control of professional development at their own pace.

Click here to learn more about our training opportunities.

Charles Green



Charles H. Green
Managing Director

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