SBA Lending Outlook

Each year hundreds of banks, Certified Development Companies, credit unions, licensed lenders, third-party originators and thousands of service providers play a vital role in partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration to help thousands of small businesses start and grow across the country. These efforts generate capital loans to finance buildings, equipment and working capital and help to create jobs and fund business activity that drives the American economy.

And each lender, service provider and policymaker who’s concerned about ‘small New SBAbusinesses’ must plan, budget, organize their activities to meet the estimated demands and opportunities before them. But to do so there has to be consensus in each organization about what lies ahead for the next year in their economic market, portfolio and potential loan growth.

Since 2013 SBFI, named among the Top 50 MSF Small Business Finance Influencers,  has polled SBA participating lenders about their expectations of program performance in the advancing period.

This survey is designed to gauge industry insiders for their outlook for making SBA loans in succeeding years, and pose questions to SBA managers, business developers,  underwriters, service providers and other vital participants who play a role in turning loan applications into capital.

Results of these surveys are published here and will be updated annually as we track lender insight and how these expectations trend over time. These results can be important to participants and policymakers alike, and serve as a litmus test of the effectiveness of program goals and lender engagement.

In addition, SBFI offers ongoing analysis of SBA lending performance through publication of trending loan approval volumes and analysis of previous statistics.

Read more about SBA Guaranteed Lending Programs in our site and see the results of our 2015 and 2014 surveys.

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