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Professional development for commercial lenders who want to be the best in the business.

Small Business Finance Institute (SBFI) offers a training platform that delivers professional development content for commercial lenders through streaming video-on-demand. Our content is tailored to span the entire career of lending professionals, from the new hires starting their first job, to the Board of Directors, who make the largest institutional credit decisions.

SBFI commercial lending courses can enhance every career and help lenders move upward to the next level of success, including the backroom staff. Our content can also benefit related professionals with continuing education obligations who interface regularly with the commercial lending industry.

All of our commercial lender training is developed and presented by commercial lenders with ‘hands-on’ experience and due diligence professionals from several disciplines that affect commercial lending.

SBFI’s innovative commercial lender training platform offers instructive presentations with many features including:

  • Accessibility – Professionally-produced streaming videos through the internet.
  • Comprehensive Content – Downloadable handout materials and course transcripts support viewer learning.
  • Convenience – Available 24/7 when you want to learn.
  • Expertise – Led by seasoned, commercial lending experts, respected due diligence professionals, and other experienced business veterans.
  • Flexibility – Available for individual and group viewing.
  • Within budget – Training that never requires payment of membership fees or travel expenses.
  • Accountability - Post-viewing quizzes offer the option to test the viewer’s comprehension of the course material
  • Transcripts - Student training records, test results and certificate recognition will be tracked and retained for future reference as their career advances.

Learn more about our plans at Lender-Training.

Learn more about SBFI here.

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